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Address: Edifici Capitania Port Marina Empuriabrava Postal Code E-17487 City – EMPURIABRAVA (Girona) Telephone +34 972 45 04 19 E-mail:

Covering letter

Welcome to the Empuriabrava Marina Users’ Community

Thank you for visiting us through our website As you can see, we have tried to showcase our Community as openly as possible, using subjects close to the Marina’s interests. There’s also our Forum where you’ll find the most interesting themes under discussion and whose value as a tool to link us with each other and with the marina’s Licence Holder we hope you will appreciate.

I’m very happy with what we’ve achieved since the setting up of our Community. Slowly but surely, we are finding more users are working with our proposals, although, sadly, much of the feedback from Empuriabrava continues to be about non-collaboration and non-payment. I believe my initial motivation for accepting this responsible role continues to be as valid as ever. I’m tired of a situation where the only thing achieved is the Marina’s daily deterioration: there are too many complaints and not enough action!

As you know, membership of the Community is compulsory for all owners of mooring rights. We’re an association that offers a higher level of involvement on our part in solving operational issues raised by persons who are against making them work. All we need is to stick to a legal framework.

The future of the Marina is not about past conflicts, it’s about obeying the law and being responsible for the rights and duties we owe to the Empuriabrava we all know and love. We’re working to keep it clean, well cared for and secure: what about you?

With very best wishes

Narcis J Ferrer
President of the Empuriabrava Marina Users’ Community 12 Ap 2012